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We offer a variety of packages depending on your needs.
Complete Photography and/or Video Coverage
Keep it simple with our Gold Package
Go all out with the Platinum Package


This is the first step after your first phone or email inquiry. I understand that planning a wedding is a lot of work!.  I will do my best to meet with you at your convenience.  This is a great opportunity to discuss all your ideas, collect details and to get to know one another.


Once we have met and discussed your wedding and the type of coverage you need, I will send you an agreement to sign and request a deposit. The agreement and deposit lock in your date(s) on my calendar, and outlines all of the details of your wedding coverage.


If you have selected a package that includes an engagement shoot, we will arrange a time and location to do the shoot.  I can recommend locations that work with your style, the season, and work with your budget.  Some locations require permits and pre-booking.  Just ask, and I can share my experiences at many popular (and unique) locations across the GTA.


Why does it cost this much?

Although my team and I may only be at your event for 10 hours, there is a lot that goes into insuring you have the best photos, videos and albums. You are not only paying for the time at your event where we shoot photos and video, you are also paying for the time, equipment and expertise it takes for preparation before the event (monograms, templates, lighting set up etc.), and the hours and hours of work that goes into editing. When you add it up, the average photo and video package takes about 200 hours to prepare, shoot and edit and output.

 How far in advance should I book a photographer?

As soon as possible! Most weddings happen on the weekends and it is particularly busy from April through September. Once you have finalized the date, and booked your locations,  next order of business is to secure a photographer. An experienced photographer like myself can also provide you with suggestions and recommendations on timing and scheduling to help the day roll smoothly and efficiently.

How many photos do I get?

How many do you want? I know that I’m not supposed to answer a question with a question but it’s a question I get asked all the time. That’s probably because it can be measured, like my fee or how many hours I stay at a wedding. Easy questions. Trouble is, it’s tough to answer.

How about ten photos? Not enough? How about 3,000? Ever look at 3,000 photos? If you wanted to look at 3000 photographs at say, 30 seconds a picture, that’s about twenty five hours of viewing.

This story of a day needs to include the big moments and the little ones. The events, the environment and the things that make it special. Many times you need simple detail photos to connect big events so the final story makes sense. For me, that usually means I end up with 500 to 800 photographs for the final “story”. Sometimes more, rarely less. That adds up to a couple hours of viewing time -about what a good movie would take -your movie. I usually recommend they be viewed with a glass of wine.

Should I share a list of shots I want?

Unless you have something very unusual at your wedding, an experienced photographer will be able to anticipate and capture all of the important moments of the ceremony and reception as it happens.  The most important thing is to send a detailed itinerary of your event a few weeks in advance. This allows me to plan where and when to be, to make sure nothing is missed.

If you want portrait style, couple shots or particular group shots, adding 60-90 minutes on the agenda is normally plenty. Be sure to pick a convenient location close to where the ceremony or reception is so you are not wasting time fighting traffic.

And please remember, I don’t know who cousin Mary’s sister’s bother’s aunt Silvia is. Assign a member of the wedding party or a family member to introduce and collect all of the  guests needed for group shots.

How long does it take to shoot “getting ready” shots?

I have yet to meet a bride that wants photos of themselves in their PJs without any makeup. Preparing to meet your future wife or husband is a moment that you will want to capture, but you only need to allow 30-45 minutes for these shots. Plan to be 90% ready 45 minutes before you have to leave for the ceremony. I will arrive at this time and make sure to get the shots that show the preparation, anticipation and joy of departing to start a new life with your love.

Should I get engagement photos done?

There are two benefits of engagement shoots: You have professional photos of you and your love before you take your vows, and It is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer before the big day.

Can I get “RAW” photos and video?

No, nope, never. RAW photos and video are basically useless in their current state. Many clients seem to think that “RAW” simply means unedited, but that’s only a very small part of it. We are basically talking about digital negative(s) and you are going to need expensive software and technical expertise to turn it into something usable.

Making sure you only see the best of the best actually makes your job much easier when it comes time to making your final selections for albums, prints, etc.. A big part of why you are hiring me (and paying me good money) is to deliver photos that you will be happy with and proud to share with friends and family.

I also need to protect my brand and reputation. 90% of the weddings I do are referrals. If RAW, unedited footage is shared and associated with me, it reflects poorly on me as it may be mistaken as finished material.

Think about it this way: would you ask for the flour used to bake your wedding cake?

Why does it take so long to get my video and photos?

As mentioned above it takes hours and hours to edit your photos and video. During the busy season I am managing my time between shooting events and editing. I deliver quality by doing the work myself. Although I want you to feel like you are my only client, the truth is I put the same time and attention into all of my client’s photos and videos. I create a schedule to insure delivery as timely as possible, but I will not take shortcuts that affect the quality of the finished product.

Can I get a discount?

Probably not. I price out your event based on the time, location, staffing, complexity, and assets required. My first offer is my best offer, and my pricing is competitive compared to other experienced professional photographers. I won’t be too offended if you ask, but be prepared that there is very little room for negotiation. Wedding photography is not a hobby for me.  It is my full time job and passion.

Do you offer a referral reward?

Yes! As I mentioned above, 90% of my business comes from referrals.  If I have shot your wedding and you want to refer a friend, have them mention your name when they contact me. Once they have signed an agreement, I will contact you to discuss.


One final recommendation:

Please consider asking your guests to leave their cellphones, cameras and iPads at home. You are hiring a professional photographer to make sure you capture the event and all the special moments of the day. Encourage your guests to participate in the celebration rather than documenting it to prevent them from interfering with the photographer’s ability to get those important shots.